More archaeology, more rain

The reason I am able to write the Pressadfed blog at 2pm in the afternoon is that we have been rained off again. Yesterday was sunny and dry and we got a lot done, and progress was made this morning as well before we all got too soggy to continue. The rain isn’t all bad though – it is really excellent for showing up features, and with tomorrow set to be sunny again, we should be able to see the archaeology nice and clearly.

Trench E: we made some good progress with this yesterday. This is the little 3x1m trench by the standing dolmen, and a substantial rammed platform is also in this trench, just as in the main trench. We think it may be sitting in a cut which was where people extracted the glacial erratic which was used as the capstone. Tomorrow’s digging should reveal this.

blog 6

Trench D: the main trench by the collapsed dolmen continues to provide us with interesting archaeology, and a complete lack of finds. The hearth was excavated yesterday, and towards the end of the day as we cleaned up around the excavated area we started noticing more charcoal spreads. One of these represents a smaller, shallower hearth, which seems to pre-date the big main hearth. We managed to section that yesterday. Magnetic susceptibility also showed that while the two hearths represent in situ burning, there was no burning on the land surface around them.

We have also taken away parts of the rammed stone platform and this is turning out to be more complicated than we first thought. There are substantial deposits underneath them, which we were just starting to make sense of today when the weather closed in. This is tomorrow’s main task.

blog 7

We also have Adam Stanford (aerialcam) coming out tomorrow to take some shots from above. Fingers crossed for a kind day weather-wise.


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