The construction of dolmens

The reason we are digging at Presaddfed is to try and understand how these monuments were constructed. Our work in North Wales will not be restricted to Presaddfed however. We are also visiting other sites and having a look at the geological composition of sites. The geologist is arriving next week to help us out with this. Were all the stones acquired locally, or were stones being brought in from elsewhere? Were people utilising erratics in these sites, and can we work out which these are? In order to make sure that the geologist has a fine range of sites to visit, we’ve been doing a little bit of reconnaissance in preparation. Here is a picture of the site of Ty Newydd. It’s a little bit knackered, and has a modern support in it, but is nevertheless a nice example of a dolmen constructed of different stones.

blog 2

Yesterday we got quite a bit of work done at Presaddfed before the rain set in in the afternoon. Trench B is finished, and we have found another candidate for the source of the capstone…..We’re taking the weekend off now and back on site next week.


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