So far, we have found stone…..

We started work at Presaddfed yesterday. We opened a 4x4m trench over an outcrop which we thought might be one of the quarries for some of the stones in the monument. The dolmens at Presaddfed are made from two types of stone – one, a lovely swirly rock which is a mica-schist, and the other, a conglomerate. There is an outcrop of schist about 20 metres from the monument which looked a likely source of the mica-schist, hence the 4x4m trench here. Yesterday we found post-med finds in the plough soil, and a large chunk of a metal plough right up against a chunk of rock. Today, as we came down onto the glacial till with not a prehistoric find anywhere in the trench, it seems that this outcrop was not the source of the stones in the monument.

Today we also opened the 3x3m trench next to the collapsed chamber. This is to try and get a better sense of how the monument was constructed. Was it, like Carreg Samson, Garn Turne and Pentre Ifan, set into a pit, or are there signs of sockets for some of the stones? Is there any debris from the construction process to be found? Is there anything we can acquire which will help us date construction (as opposed to use)? We spent much of the day, however, removing the thick layer of gravel added (we can only assume) by the ministry of works, and we found various bits and pieces leftover by the workmen, including a wrapper of Wrigley’s juicy fruit chewing gum.

We have also had visitors the past two days, and are more than happy to show anyone around who might like to come out and visit us.


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