The ‘Building the Great Dolmens’ project comes to North Wales!

This September the project ‘Building the Great Dolmens’ will be investigating our second site, that of Presaddfed on Anglesey in North Wales.
In 2011 and 2012 we investigated the dolmen at Garn Turne in Pembrokeshire with some fantastic results. A summary of that work will appear here soon. This summer the project moves north to Presaddfed. Again, we will be looking for evidence of how this monument was constructed.
Prior to the excavation we conducted a geophysical survey of the site. You can see from the results below that there are a number of outcrops in the immediate vicinity of the dolmen which may well be the source of the stone used to construct the monument. We will be investigating these to look for evidence of ancient quarrying, as well as looking immediately beside the collapsed chamber for construction activity.
Presaddfed geophys

The project is being directed by Vicki Cummings and Colin Richards.


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